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The German Florist Network

Welcome to the German florists network!

We are a non-profit organization helping florists throughout Germany survive in the modern age, by showcasing their unique skills and marketing their industry-specific qualities.

Our flower delivery platform is also a part of our services, to help florists get more orders internationally for within Germany!

Dear florists,

Those are trying times. It's not easy to maintain a high volume of orders. In this day and age, competition is everywhere, from the local supermarket to the big flower delivery companies. The international companies now even take some of your market share by shipping flowers in box directly in Germany. What are we to do? Is everything doomed? Not at all! Don't forget one thing: all this competition may be tough, but it doesn't have what YOU have : experience, quality, freshness, knowledge and tradition. Those qualities are in high demand. People and consumers want these things. They want to help local florists survive. So this has to be how you communicate to them. Our consortium can help you market yourself in such a positive fashion. We can also unite together, and every florist can help you get more orders for your region. United, we can do this, and remain strong, and not only refrain from losing market shares, but gaining some. 

It is therefore our privilege to be at the forefront of this fight to defend our florists in Germany.